Cross-posting from prior Wix blog, 08.22.22

Let me tell you a little story about how a watch changed my life (or at least played a role in life change). The year was 2021, I had been at a corporate job with my then-company for 11 years. And while I would love to say it was all rainbows and unicorns, nothing could be farther from the truth. It was a toxic work environment and I knew I needed out. But the last time I got a job it was entry-level all those years ago. Things were different now.

Dozens (heck, maybe hundreds) of job applications later, I finally landed an interview at a stable company through a former peer of mine. Yes! But then came the hours of dread and worry. It was my first interview in many years AND it was my first virtual interview. I decided to wear my old suit – it barely fit my dad bod but I figured nobody would notice the gym shorts I was wearing under the desk. But then came an important decision – and typically one of my favorite decisions of the day. What watch do I wear? My current watch collection is about 30 watches deep, so I had a variety of looks and colors at my disposal. But this decision was huge to me, because my watch says a lot about me and is one of my primary drivers of confidence. So which one to pick?

After standing in the closet for what must have been a half-hour, I decided to wear one of the earlier watches in my collection – my Invicta Project Abda SubAqua Noma III (which I dub “The SubAqua” for short). This gorgeous automatic timepiece is the perfect blend between business and play. The classic black and white appearance allow it to fit nicely with any suit and tie; however, the 200m water resistance and the unique dial with a SubAqua “S” monster pattern make it clear that I’m also here for adventure and fun.

It may seem silly that a watch makes me feel like that but it’s 100% true. Adding it to my wrist before that interview, I felt professional, adventurous, and fun (not to mention dashingly handsome). You can probably guess the rest of the story. I nailed the interview and was scheduled for a second interview with the department AVP. Sporting the same SubAqua on my wrist, I aced that interview too and started the new job a month later.

A watch changed my life? Yeah, I think it kind of did. I have since dubbed it my lucky watch and it’s helped me on other endeavors too – including my first freelance copywriting client meeting. My challenge to you is to find your life-changing watch. If this sounds like your lucky, life-changing watch waiting to happen, search it out and snag yours. It’s a rare find and is sold out many places but as the good book says, search and you will find. Good luck and Godspeed.

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