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Sketch of an Electricianz Men's Watch

What Do We Do?

The Watch Writer is all things watches.  We do writing (obviously), email marketing, copywriting, reviews, recommendations (affiliate referrals), and more.  And, of course, collecting watches.


Who is the Watch Writer?

We spend hours wearing, gawking at, buying, fixing, prepping, selling, and shipping watches as part of our daily lives and decade-long side hustles of watch rehab/resale.  Needless to say, watches are a major force in our lives.

But as fascinated as we are with horology, the irreversibility and scarcity of time itself always leave us in a state of reverent fear.  

To that end, life is too short to wear a watch you do not love.  Let’s go on an adventure to find the watches we love, so we can experience the full confidence we get with them.