The Electricianz stands out as a watch brand that electrifies the industry – defying centuries-old trends. Blending creativity, functionality, and a nod to the world of electrical engineering, The Electricianz has carved a niche for itself. As this is one of my favorite watch brands, I wanted to take a few minutes to explore its unique identity, design philosophy, and the innovation that sets it apart.  For more on the brand or to pick one up for yourself – check them out here.

The Electricianz Watches with Car

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A Shock of Creativity

Founded in 2017, The Electricianz is a Swiss watch brand that draws inspiration from the world of electricity and industrial design. Electricianz’s founder, Laurent Rufenacht, and creative director, Arnaud Duval, helped build the SEVENFRIDAY watch brand prior to starting their new brand – invaluable experience to help them shake up the watch industry once again.  The Electricianz brand embraces a bold and unconventional approach to watchmaking, infusing its timepieces with a vibrant energy that captures the essence of electricity.

The Electricianz Plasma

The Electricianz Design Aesthetic

1. Cable-Z Concept:
At the heart of The Electricianz’s design is the Cable-Z concept. Resembling an exposed electrical circuit, a distinctive cable runs through the transparent glass and across the dial of each watch. This design not only adds a dynamic visual element but also serves as a metaphor for the energy coursing through the watch.

2. Industrial Chic:
The timepieces from The Electricianz exude an industrial and urban vibe. With bold colors, unconventional shapes, and materials like stainless steel and leather, the watches are a statement of modernity and creativity. The brand successfully bridges the gap between classic watchmaking and contemporary aesthetics.

3. LED Backlighting:
A standout feature of The Electricianz watches is the LED backlighting system. Activated with a simple touch, it illuminates the cable and highlights the intricate details of the dial. This not only adds a practical aspect for reading the time in low-light conditions but also enhances the watch’s futuristic appeal.

Electricianz Bronze Watch

Collections That Spark Interest

The Electricianz offers a diverse range of collections, each with its own distinctive character:

1. The Steel Z Collection:
This collection combines elegance with an industrial edge. The watches in this series are versatile, suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

2. The Nylon Collection:
As the name suggests, this collection embraces nylon in the cables within the watch, the strap, or both.  This diverse collection has 8 models, each with its own flair and design scheme.  You simply must check these out…

3. The Mechanical Collection:
My personal favorite, the Mechanical Collection utilizes hybrid power – a self-winding automatic movement for the timepiece and an electronic module consisting of a printed circuit board with a lithium battery to power the lights.

Electricianz Blue Mechanical

Beyond Aesthetics: Quality and Craftsmanship

While The Electricianz is celebrated for its bold design choices, the brand doesn’t compromise on the quality of its timepieces. Each watch is crafted with precision and houses a reliable Swiss movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The use of high-quality materials contributes to the durability and longevity of these unique watches.

Electricianz Nomad Z

The Electricianz Community

Beyond the tangible appeal of its watches, The Electricianz has cultivated a vibrant community of enthusiasts who share a passion for innovation and individuality. The brand’s commitment to creativity extends beyond the watches themselves, fostering a sense of belonging among its followers.

Sketch of an Electricianz Men's Watch

In the world of watchmaking, where tradition often takes center stage, The Electricianz boldly ventures into uncharted territory. With its Cable-Z concept, LED backlighting, and industrial design aesthetic, the brand sparks a new conversation about what a watch can be. The Electricianz watches are not just timepieces; they are statements of creativity, individuality, and a celebration of the electrifying energy that courses through the world of horology.

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