New watch companies pop up often and it’s hard to know which ones really have a unique twist on the timepiece. I’d like to take a couple of minutes to introduce you to one such unique company – Benjamin James watches.

Benjamin James Watch Models

Benjamin James is named after its founder, Benjamin James Adams. The concept behind the watch company is to make watches truly wearable – small enough to be comfortable yet with the right level of wrist presence. Perhaps his hashtag says it all about his approach: #SayNoToOversizedWatches.



To be honest, Adams’ watches have some impressive specs on paper for a first release. The case diameter is 31mm but the rectangle shape gives it a different feel than you typically get from a smaller watch. The thickness should be just over 8mm and I’m guessing it’ll be pretty lightweight too. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Benjamin James will feature Swiss-Made movements – the Sellita SW210-1 B for the automatic and the Ronda 762 for the quartz.

Aside from a unique take on size and design, it’s noteworthy that Benjamin James is steeped in Benjamin’s history in England. From the name of his first collection to the dial design inspired by his hometown’s coat of arms – it all stems from home. Check out the multiple colorway photos on his website and you’ll also see phenomenal integration of the colors from Benjamin’s home in England.

The Benjamin James watch company will officially launch on Kickstarter on September 26th. I don’t have all the specifics of the Kickstarter campaign but I’m intrigued and I’ll be checking it out on the 26th. And should Benjamin James have a successful campaign, I hope to do a hands-on review of one in late 2023 or early 2024.

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