Let’s be honest – I like big watches and I cannot lie…

However, sometimes a smaller watch comes across my path that I still fall in love with. Sometimes I like the way they look and sometimes I can’t get over amazing comfort.

And then every once in a while, I find a smaller timepiece that both looks and feels amazing – a watch I can wear all day without even realizing it’s on my wrist. I’d like to show you a watch like that: the Bausele MIL-SPEC collection.

The watch I’ve been wearing is the “Classic FIeld | Desert Sand” – a military watch in beige. While it came with 2 straps, the modified NATO-style one that came on it is so supremely comfortable that I haven’t removed it to try the other. At first glance, I was very impressed by the watch’s packaging – a large box with a plastic hard case (the “dive case” style) inside.

Let’s talk about some of the specs of the watch itself here. This is a watch created in accordance with U.S. military specifications and a watch assembled by U.S. military veterans. And while it is available to the general public, it probably won’t be for long – only 250 were made in this color combination.

The watch has a Seiko NH38 automatic movement with a “hacking” feature – the ability to stop the advancement of time to sync up with an official timekeeper. The movement’s 24 jewels lead to smooth motion and the timepiece has a 41-hour power reserve as well.

Made with functionality in mind, the case contains brushed 316L stainless steel to prevent light reflection. For visual appeal and added comfort, the watch has a unique case design. Bausele founder and lead designer, Christophe Hoppe worked with his watchmaker to modify the back of the watch, making it more rounded than normal. This allows for a very cool caseback and also helps it conform more easily to the wrist. The dial is done in a sandwich style with fantastic lume. Relatively simple in style, the dial keeps the time easy to read.

If you own or have checked out a Bausele before, you know “The Jewel in the Crown” is one of the most unique and quintessential features of the Australian timepieces. This watch is no different – every time you glance at the crown of the watch, you’ll see actual soil from military forts across the United States. I love the idea that I can be motivated by the men and women who defend our great country every time I look down at the watch.

Bausele is only about a dozen years old but it has become one of my favorite brands. It’s 100% on my bucket list to buy one (though I may need to wait for the Endless Sunrise, since orange is my favorite color). That being said, this field watch is a perfect timepiece for any military watch fan or for anyone looking for a small and comfortable watch. Hop on the beige or green before the limited edition timepieces are gone forever.

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