Matte black finish.

Red accents marks.

Steady automatic movement.

Solid black dial.

Oh, and a sin window.

Yeah, the Core “Seven Sins” isn’t your typical diving watch. At its roots, it is a diving watch. However, it might just be the most unique diving watch you can find. I’ll run down some of the specifics for you and I bet you’ll want to pick one up by the end.

Let’s start with the dial. The solid matte black dial background matches the watch perfectly. It’s not every day that you see a watch that flows so smoothly from band to case to dial. With the metal band also being matte black, that’s exactly what you get with this Seven Sins.

On the dial, there is a small Core Timepieces logo at the twelve o’clock position and a “Seven Sins” title just above the six o’clock position. The hour indices are simple white markers, and there are no digits shown on the dial itself. The hour and minute hands form the handle and blade of a switchblade – another unique attribute. Then at its three o’clock position is the trait for which the watch is named: the sin window. Instead of the seven days of the week, Seven Sins features the seven deadly biblical sins.

Sidebar – you make be asking… why are there sins instead of weekdays? Aside from just to be fiercely different than anything else on the market, that is? Core Timepieces’ founders wanted to instigate internal morality conversations in their consumers’ minds. The idea is that you look at the watch and ask yourself if today is a day where you’ll fight that sin or embrace it. On the day that pride comes around, will you flaunt your stuff or take a more humble approach? On the day that sloth comes around will you put on your watch and get back in bed, or will you fight the urge and go get stuff done? It does not get much more introspective than that. What other watch engages your psyche on such a deep level?

Moving on to the other details of the watch, the bezel embraces the classic “dive watch” design. It has red markings for the first 3 hour positions and white markings for the 9 remainng. There are also digits at the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 position. The crown is, of course, matte black to match the rest of the watch. Although the matte black flows seamlessly from bezel to band, Core hooks you up with a free Bartlett NATO strap if you need to change it up.  The second band is a complementing black and red color.

In addition to the color scheme I described, Seven Sins has 4 other variations with slightly different colors. Most notably, the model called Black Gold features real 18kt gold plating on it instead of the red accents. 

In terms of the technical aspects of the watch, the watch earns its dive watch category with 300m of water resistance. It measures in at a solid 42mm and the case is made of 316L stainless steel.  This iteration of the timepiece has an automatic movement – a Seiko NH36 – which ticks like a beast.  Some of the other variations of the watch instead come with a quartz movement and a lower price point. While this is not your typical dive watch, it checks the major boxes of one.  

Do I recommend Core Timepieces’ Seven Sins?  In keeping with the theme of the sins: hell yeah! Check out all of Core’s watches here.

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