It’s a tale as old as time itself.

Good versus evil.

God versus Satan.

Zeus versus Cronus.

Luke versus Vader.

But have you ever seen that eternal struggle on your watch? 


Core Timepieces has tackled the “good versus evil” struggle with their Seven Sins line of watches.  The watch model is thusly dubbed because the date window features something you won’t see anywhere else – one of the 7 biblical “deadly sins” every day instead of the day of the week.  The collection, which now includes several iterations, subtly asks, “will you embrace good or will you embrace evil today?”

But one of the beautiful things that Core Timepieces’ co-founders Stephen Conti and Kerim Kfuri embrace with the watch brand is a lack of judgment for whatever you choose.

Core Timepieces Founders Stephen and Kerim

To the brand owners, it’s all about you being you. And to that end, they also remain unapologetically themselves – two brothers-in-law who have a blast making unique timepieces.


One of the driving forces behind Core Timepieces is individuality. The very name of the company itself alludes to the fact that the brand (and brand owners) will always remain who they are “at their core.”


Speaking of that individuality, the duo did not set out to make a watch for the masses. Instead, they started by designing a fun and thought-provoking watch that they wanted to wear. They connected with the watch and its subtle nod toward morality so they decided to make more and sell them to the general public. After they began selling it, they were amazed that other people connected with the watch on a deep thought-level as well.

Why do people connect so deeply with Seven Sins?  Aside from the “sins” window, from the watch hands made in the likeness of a switchblade to the red accents, Seven Sins has many subtle references to morality.

Yet the founders make no recommendation as to how you should interact with that sin. Will you give in to the sin? Will you fight back and maintain your morality? The watch whispers the question but you decide how to answer it.


Over their years in business, Stephen and Kerim have become fans of the watch industry, both large and micro brands. However, they like to think of their timepieces as existing in a space where the watch industry meets art. Co-founder and designer Stephen grew up in the punk-rock scene in New York, so he tries to bring those influences into their brand. Kerim confidently believes that Core will always be trying to bring art and watches together, because of Stephen’s passion for the same.


Was Seven Sins a “1-hit wonder” in terms of connecting watches with deep meaning? Far from it!   Core just recently released the follow-up to the Sins watch – a collection called Fury.  With Fury, Core brought another strong meaning but in a more subtle way. Very similar to how the brand itself asks “what’s at your core?” Fury seeks to ask wearers “what’s your passion?” With Fury, Stephen and Kerim wanted to put out an incredible timepiece that was an insane value for the general public, while deeply integrating meaning and story into it.

And at the end of the day, that’s kind of become their mantra for Core. The timepieces? They will be fantastic. The value? You won’t find much better for the quality you get. And what will be at the heart – nay, the core – of the watches? Deep meaning. Passion. Story.

Whether you’re a sinner or one who fights for morality… Whether your passion is obvious or deeply-rooted and hidden to the world… You’re welcome at Core Timepieces.

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