I love finding new micro watch brands and apparently Facebook knows it because I’m constantly seeing a barrage of ads 😂. But one ad stuck out to me recently and led me to check out HYDN Co.


I think what intrigued me the most was the dial design on the images – not quite as minimalistic as a Movado or MVMT but not as busy as many other watches I own. It’s unique, which is a microbrand must for me.

Blue is my jam, so I fell in love with “Cobalt Steel.”  I got a killer deal on my watch and even bought a second (“Midnight Steel”) for a gift. When it arrived, I was really surprised – in a good way. The box was a unique slim shape. Inside the box I found the watch, a note from the CEO’s, a coupon for 15% off my next watch, and a matching bracelet. No – I didn’t order a bracelet; in an era where most brands are cutting back, hooking me up with an extra is major.

When I put the watch on, I loved the dial even more. This thing is hotter than the weather in Florida where the founders design the watches. The dial is fabulous, with subtle, rich color and hidden details that set it apart from a completely minimalist watch. For example, the subtle dots serving as hour markers.  And dang – the pops of yellow color are a great way to make a statement without wearing an obnoxiously bright watch.

The case size is perfect – large but not massive. The charcoal color of the case is a nice addition that you don’t see every day.  All aspects of the watch are designed fora great wrist appeal, but the watch is pretty darn comfortable too.  

All things considered, I think this HYDN Co. watch was the perfect addition to my collection. I would now consider myself an avid fan of the brand and I’ve been told they’ve got another collection in the works as we speak…



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